An atmospheric landmark

Metro Totem

Subtle in the daytime, glowing at night

The Metro information totem is a sculptural landmark, reflecting the city life during daytime, while turning into a glowing column at night, when orientation is difficult.

A sculptural canvas for passenger information

The cylindrical column is the canvas for passenger information, provided through real time graphics and text, illuminated from the inside of the structure. The cylindar in stainless steel acts as a skeleton on which transparent, perforated panels are attached.

Competition winner

Metro Totem is the result of a 1st prize in the competition issued by Ørestadsselskabet. Holscher Design has completed the design and delivery of Metro information totems in collaboration with the engineering firm Hansen & Henneberg, Ib Andresen and Ørestadsselskabet.

An atmospheric landmark of Copenhagen

Subtle in the daytime, glowing at night.