ERCO Quinta

A modern reminiscent of sextants

Solving two key tasks

The design of this successful spotlight series had to fulfill two tasks: rotating and tilting the light head within clearly defined angles, as well as fixing set directions of the light head to avoid accidental changes of set lighting alignment.

Angle-measuring details

In the course of the design the Quinta spotlights, Holscher Design produced angle-measuring details which clearly indicate their function. It is no coincidence that these luminaries are reminiscent of sextants, high-precision nautical instruments

User-friendliness, convenience, and safety

The angles of rotation and tilt can both be read off the pinions running in the gear rings. The angle of rotation is displayed between 0° and 360°, while the angle of tilt is read and adjusted between 0° and 90°.

This means maximum user-friendliness, convenience, and safety, particularly important for professional exhibitors who demand high quality lighting technology

Quinta spotlights are cast aluminum and are available in white and silver.

Stig Myler


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