Tactile guidelines to assist the visually impaired

GH Form Pictoform

Christian Wolff Petersen, CEO, GH Form

“Holscher has created our best-selling product. They involve you in the process in a positive way and are very responsible in terms of production constraints. Things are thought-through, which means lower selling price on the final product.”

Solving a real-life problem

Pictoform is a system of tactile guidelines developed to assist blind and visually impaired in navigating within the urban. The system consists of single buds as well as paving tiles in different materials.

Pictoform is an efficient, functional device for its users while at the same time adding an aesthetic quality to its surroundings.

Strong aesthetics

Due to their aesthetic qualities, all these elements enhance the architectural facets of urban public spaces.

Pictoform can be used for indicating defined walking routes, marking shifts from pavement to road, or indicating bus stops.

Perfect for hubs and city centers

The system is particularly useful in and around hubs or city centers with open spaces and pedestrian areas. Both the shape of the bud and its sound when touched by the mobility cane are optimized in order to guide visually impaired pedestrians.

Rasmus Holscher


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