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Rasmus specializes in urban design,
transportation and the integration of technology
in modern cities, working a the intersection
between architecture and product design.

Besides that, Rasmus is in charge of our
contracts and agreements.

CEO, Senior Project Manager & Partner


Friederike copes with complex projects,
having a systematic approach
and an architect's holistic perspective.
Apart form that, she is responsible for
communications and PR.

Senior Project Manager & Partner

Anders G. Ellegaard

Anders - positive, committed and with
a preference for doing many things
at the same time - ...
Besides that, Anders is in charge of Business Development
and Communication


Partner / Head of Business Development & Communication

Morten Strømstad

Morten is the one behind the scenes,
making sure that our machinery runs perfectly. 
For IT-problems and questions, he is the man!

Head of IT

Jacob Rudbeck

Jacob is a great negotiator,
skilled networker, and driven designer.
Always knowing what is going on!

Senior Product Designer

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Jette Banke

Jette, besides making sure that
everyone is doing fine internally, is an 
experienced project manager.
Especially within the field of future
sanitary and healthcare products, Jette is
one of the best.

For job or internship inquiries,
Jette is also the right person.

Senior Project Manager & Partner

Stig Myler

Stig is our lighting ambassador, having 
state-of-the-art knowledge about anything
concerning the development of 
modern and future lighting.
As a thorough and structured person, Stig is
also entrusted with all economic issues at HD.

Senior Project Manager & Partner

Su Yu

Su is our Chinese Business Manager,
tirelessly in contact with the other side of the globe,
bridging between cultures.

Overseas business development

Jette Damgaard

One of the pivotal persons at
Holscher Design.
Jette, constantly hitting the keys
of her beloved calculator, makes
sure that we can make a living while having fun.


Tiril Nørgaard Breili

Tiril is our Industrial Design intern. Tiril is now a part of the
product development team - curious, talented and passionate. 

Product design Junior

Nils Bach

Nils is our design engineer genius.
Always guiding us through the technical design-challenges with elegance.


Industrial Design Engineer

Mette Hvass


PhD Fellow, Lighting Designer

Brian Wendin

Brian - .....


Business Development Director

Matilde Gro Larsen




Benedetta Ruspini


Junior Designer

Mads Ingvorsen

Mads Ingvorsen

Junior Designer