Schneider Electric

Designing a business success LK FUGA PURE for Schneider Electric Group One of the most successful wiring devices ever made With more than 100 million products sold and high popularity and market share for over 30 years, LK FUGA is probably one of the most successful wiring devices ever made.  Revitalizing the brand The aim […]

Dynaudio Speakers

The smallest built-in ceiling/wall speaker in Dynaudio’s Custom Architectural Studio Dynaudio S4-W80 Architectural Speakers Group Designed to build in bold sound Just add music. Or movies, for that matter. Whatever you’re listening to, the S4-W80 in-wall speaker from Dynaudio’s Custom Architectural Studio range delivers accuracy and refinement. Offering a bold, authoritative sound, the S4-W80 makes […]

Dynaudio Home-Line System

Designing the new home line system for Dynaudio High-end sound for Dynaudio Group Seamless integration The Home Line is a b2c-series, designed for seamless integration within the Dynaudio product portfolio. high degree of versatility The series provides endless possibilities in use, a high degree of versatility to combine, configure and grow – depending on the […]