Beauty, functionality AND responsibility

Q&A with Designer & Partner Friederike Faller Beauty, functionality AND responsibility Group Friederike Faller, Partner, Holscher Design “Competitive design is measured by the same criteria as always: beauty and functionality. What has changed is the growing  awareness towards environmental issues and sustainability as a whole – and of course new technologies, materials, etc. People want […]

d line case story

Case story d line: Beyond the bottom line Good business building on great design Group Frederik Petersen, CEO, d line “Great design is good business beyond the bottom line. It’s an approach where multiple stakeholder, societal and cultural dimensions are considered, ensuring true value creation  (…)” d line is a leading Danish design brand and […]

Enhance the value of urban living

Holscher’s approach to urban design Enhance the value of urban living Group Rasmus Holscher, Partner, Holscher Design “Ongoing mega-trends in society, such as digitalization, sustainability, and servitization, fundamentally change the conditions for manufacturers.” How has Urban Design developed over the last 10-15 years? The attention towards the spaces surrounding our buildings – private as well […]

Creating strategic value for our clients

Editorial Creating strategic value for our clients Group Rasmus Holscher “Strategic Product Design is our credo: it means looking beyond the product itself. It means a wider and deeper understanding of our customers, their clients, and end users.” Globalization has opened up for huge markets, but it has also widened the load of products offered, […]