A. Petersen Roller Cabinet

A. Petersen Roller Cabinet Reminiscent of an old travel trunk Group Remake of the 1970s Originally, the purpose of this cabinet was as a flexible, informal room divider and storage space for kitchen and wardrobe, designed by Knud Holscher in the 1970s for his famous own house. Reminiscent of an old travel trunk The upright […]


FLEXA Coming soon Group

Sorø Omni Kitchen

Sorø Omni Kitchen The user-friendly, adaptable kitchen Group Furniture look – adjustable functionality The Omni Kitchen, developed for Danish furniture brand Sorø, differs from other kitchens on the market. Omni Kitchen has been developed with two ambitious goals in mind: a clean, furniture-like look when not in use, and full height adjustability. Individualize the work […]

Out-Sider Plateau

Out-Sider Plateau Elevates outdoor seating Group Social, Simple, Smart and Sustainable PLATEAU takes a new, modern approach to urban seating. While inviting people to socialize in flexible ways, this Scandinavian design fits into any type of architecture with its soft, human shapes and clean, nordic color palette. Timeless, sustainable design Designed, cut and crafted from […]