Smarter sanitary ware

Smarter sanitary ware Focus on sustainable solutions Group Jette Banke, Partner, Holscher Design “We see strong tendencies that in all segments within sanitary ware there will be an increased focus on Green Water and Smart Water initiatives.” What do you see as the major trends and changes in design of sanitary ware? In terms of […]

Architectural hardware

Architectural hardware Designing for the better Group Friederike Faller, Partner, Holscher Design “I expect the digital development to get more and more predominant. With the growing number of devices and appliances, I think the trend is going towards a stronger integration of architectural hardware in the actual building components.” How has architectural hardware developed over […]

Holscher Design – part of the IF Jury

Holscher Design and the IF Design Award A part of the IF Award Jury Group Friederike Faller, Partner, Holscher Design, Chairwoman IF Design Award “Judging design is getting more and more complex, and new criteria beyond the product itself have to be taken extremely seriously.” Having been part of the IF jury team for some […]

Designing to realize future visions

Anders Ellegaard shares his perspective Designing to realize future visions Group Anders Ellegaard, Partner, Holscher Design “Ongoing mega-trends in society, such as digitalization, sustainability, and servitization, fundamentally change the conditions for manufacturers.” What do you see as the major future trends impacting design in the coming years? The digital transformation – on a human, societal […]

Lighting the future

The future of lighting design Lighting the future Group Stig Myler, Partner, Holscher Design “Together with our clients, we work within the framework of smart lighting, which has been recognized as one of the most actionable and ready-to-implement technologies in the transition to a low-carbon economy and peak emissions in the next decade.” How has […]