FLOS Camera

20 years of iconic designs and great business results FLOS Camera Group FLOS and Holscher Design For 20 years, international lighting brand FLOS and Holscher Design have been creating bestselling architectural luminaire families with more than half a million spotlights sold worldwide. Great design nations come together Italian FLOS is one of the world’s leading […]

Philips UrbanMoon

Philips UrbanMoon Classic street luminaire Group Stig Myler, Partner, Holscher Design “The fixture is discreetly blending into the street scene during daytime. At night, it helps set a comfortable and reliable atmosphere. The opal, inner white dome, the energy effective LED, and the new optics make this design stable and suitable for any city.”  Discreetely […]


FLEXA Coming soon Group

ERCO Quinta

ERCO Quinta A modern reminiscent of sextants Group Solving two key tasks The design of this successful spotlight series had to fulfill two tasks: rotating and tilting the light head within clearly defined angles, as well as fixing set directions of the light head to avoid accidental changes of set lighting alignment. Angle-measuring details In […]

Philips Milewide 1+2

Philips MileWide Minimalist roadlights for Philips Group High-end technology and Nordic design expression Philips Lighting is an international lighting company with focus on providing innovative solutions centered on the end-user and energy-efficient solutions and applications for lighting, based on a deep understanding of customer needs, both at home and in public spaces. Urban design The […]

SIMES Stage Round Spot

SIMES Stage Round Spot Synergy with architecture Group Roberto Botti, CEO, SIMES S.p.A. “This collaboration has allowed us to reach the objectives, and thanks to the Holscher Design team’s contribution, we have developed something extremely professional.” High-performance architectural spotlights Simes is a consolidated Italian company dedicated to the design and production of superior outdoor luminaires […]

FLOS Pure Spot

FLOS Pure Spot Precision and versatility Group Close collaboration is key to success FLOS Pure Spot is the third series the Holscher Design team has developed for the renowned Italian lighting manufacturer FLOS. Precise briefings and a close collaboration with the product development team at Flos resulted in a very positive and rewarding collaboration. Accent […]