FIAT Seed Pli

Seed Pli Designed to make it safer being a child and easier being a parent Group Anders Berggreen, CEO Seed “I think that the human-centric approach, that permeates Holscher Design, and where orderliness is a keyword, has increased our own integrity in more or less everything we do as a company. Our cooperation with Holscher Design […]

Day Cruiser

Day Cruiser Envision a green energy cruise Group Playing with the future At Holscher we research and create prototype designs, envisioning solutions for the future.  The electric Day Cruiser is one of our latest examples.  Cool sustainability Attractive aesthetic appeal is a strong driver for succesful implementation and adoption of more sustainable solutions.  Why compromise? […]

VIVA Helmet

Making safety fashionable and attractive VIVA Helmet Group Make use of safety helmets attractive The bicycle helmets for VIVA were designed with the aim of making the use of safety helmets fashionable and attractive Leather covered fiberglass Use of highly shock absorbing fiberglass for the shell provides optimal head protection. The shell’s outside is covered […]


DSB Confidential Group


Kildemoes URBAN SQUIRE & YOB Classic bikes with a modern twist Group Get around in the city URBAN SQUIRE and  URBAN YOB are two bikes for city transport developed for the renowned Danish bike manufacturer Kildemoes. The aim was to design classic bikes with a modern twist. Modern comfort URBAN SQUIRE is a modern bike […]

EPS Scooter

A vision to reinvent urban mobility Aesthetics as a driver for sustainability Group NOOSA EPS Scooter NOOSA showcases the potential it sees in the interaction between vehicle and rider equipment in terms of safety, comfort and emotional experience. Attractive aesthetic appeal is a strong driver for succesful implementation and adoption of more sustainable solutions. Smart, […]

Veksø / Bicycle Service Station

Veksø/Bike Service Station Uniting bicycle service, meeting point, and information Group A complete, unifying solution BikeHub is a system that unites bicycle service, meeting point, and information spot in one and the same product and at a level that has not previously been seen in Denmark. Service and socializing at once Here, you can fix […]

Aarhus Light Rail AAL

Complexity made simple by design Platform design for Aarhus Lightrail Group Claus Rehfeldt, CEO, Aarhus Lightrail “In reality, good design is, what you don’t see, because it doesn’t shout in your face, but is blending in in a subtle way – and is super functional. It needs a certain ability to create design that manages […]