FIAT Seed Pli

Seed Pli Designed to make it safer being a child and easier being a parent Group Anders Berggreen, CEO Seed “I think that the human-centric approach, that permeates Holscher Design, and where orderliness is a keyword, has increased our own integrity in more or less everything we do as a company. Our cooperation with Holscher Design […]

VIVA Helmet

Making safety fashionable and attractive VIVA Helmet Group Make use of safety helmets attractive The bicycle helmets for VIVA were designed with the aim of making the use of safety helmets fashionable and attractive Leather covered fiberglass Use of highly shock absorbing fiberglass for the shell provides optimal head protection. The shell’s outside is covered […]

Sorø Omni Kitchen

Sorø Omni Kitchen The user-friendly, adaptable kitchen Group Furniture look – adjustable functionality The Omni Kitchen, developed for Danish furniture brand Sorø, differs from other kitchens on the market. Omni Kitchen has been developed with two ambitious goals in mind: a clean, furniture-like look when not in use, and full height adjustability. Individualize the work […]

Gense Holscher Cutlery

Gense Holscher Cutlery A sculptural silhouette Group Balancing functionality and quality “A cutlery can be so lightweight that you barely feel it in your hand – or so heavy, that it is difficult to handle. We aimed for the right balance between functionality and a feeling of high quality. Knud Holscher, Founder, Holscher Design . […]

Xiaomi Packaging

Xiaomi Packaging Fresh packaging for affordable tech Group Catching the crowd of Mi fans Holscher Design was entrusted with designing a Scandinavian, minimalistic packaging for the Xiaomi Mi band, appealing to the large crowd of Mi fans for Hong Kong based Xiaomi Fresh packaging for affordable tech The consumer electronics and smart manufacturer Xiaomi was […]

LEGO Brick Drawers

Lego Brick Drawers Playful storage Group Design for the world’s leading toy brand LEGO Brick Drawers is a family of colorful storage boxes, providing playful, easy, and safe access to a variety of items. Completing the brick family As a leading toy brand with a long history, LEGO and the iconic LEGOs have become a […]


ROOM Copenhagen Pantone table setting Set a colorful table with authority Group Pantone your ROOM Building on The Pantone Universe co-branding concept , Holscher Design developed the Pantone table setting, which contains of a wide range of items for food preparation, table setting, as well as room accessories in collaboration with ROOM Copenhagen Authority in […]


LAMY Dialog2 Pioneering technology and expression Group Strong design awareness C. Josef Lamy is a traditional German manufacturer of writing utensils, well-known for their strong design awareness as one of the main aspects of the brand identity. Innovative technology With Dialog2, the turning mechanism retracting the clip into the body of the rollerball pen while […]

CIGA Design

Redefining the classical wristwatch CIGA Design Group Accesible luxury CIGA Design is a young watch company based in Shenzhen, committed to redefining the classical wristwatch to become a fashion accessory, accessible for everyone. High-quality mechanics and Scandinavian design Holscher Design was chosen to design a wristwatch which should combine CIGA’s high quality mechanics with a […]